The Origin of Yoga

In Sanskrit, the term ‘Yoga’ stands for ‘Union’. A Yogi's ultimate aim is to be able to attain this union with Eternal Self with the help of certain mental and physical exercises.

Maharshi Patanjali has been credited for all the extant knowledge of Yoga and its practice in daily life. He was the first to define ‘Yogasanas’ and ‘Pranayama’. In this momentous work, he describes the aim of Yoga as attaining the knowledge of the self. Revered as ‘The Father of Yoga’, he compiled 195 sutras which serve as a framework for integrating Yoga into the daily routine and leading an ethical life.

Over the years, several eminent scholars have contributed to the evolution of Yoga and are responsible for making it the comprehensive system that it is today. Among them, Sage Gheranda and Dhirendra Bramhachari are worth mentioning. While Sage Gheranda is credited with the compilation of Gheranda Samhita- the most encyclopaedic of the three classic texts on Hatha Yoga, it was Dhirendra Brahmachari who popularised Yoga among the masses through his weekly Yoga programme broadcasted on Doordarshan.

Benefits of Yoga in
Today’s World

Modern lifestyle is dictated by competition, and in our race for success & recognition, we end up neglecting our health the most. On the other hand, environmental pollution, unhealthy food habits and addiction are playing havoc on our well-being. While supplements and exercises have their roles to play for keeping us fit in this fast-paced life, Yoga therapy has been recognized as a benchmark for wellness by many. The kind of resurgence that Yoga has experienced in the last decade is simply remarkable. People throughout the world are increasingly accepting the benefits of the regular practice of recommended Yoga asanas and embracing it with open arms.

What is
Therapeutic Yoga?

We at Naturoveda Health World have immense faith in the healing power of natural therapies and Yoga is one of the most important among them. Realizing the overall benefits of this ancient system, which even modern science validates, we studied its various aspects. We found that practising Yoga every day drastically improves health and promotes wellness. This prompted us to delve deeper into its utility in combating diverse diseases.

We discovered that Yoga can play a vital role in nurturing physiological and mental well-being, as well as in combating numerous health problems. When practised in combination with proper medicines, it can aid the body and mind in overcoming several debilitating conditions. However, we also found that certain Yoga asanas may not be much effective for people struggling with particular ailments. For this reason, it is of utmost importance to understand the disease before embarking on a Yoga routine.

This led to the foundation of a system of recommending Yoga Asanas, Mudras and Pranayamas based on the specific issues of the sufferers, now popularized as ‘Therapeutic Yoga’ by Naturoveda Health World. We have witnessed tremendous results in the treatment of chronic diseases when recommended Yoga asanas are practised regularly along with taking the prescribed medicines and making suitable dietary changes. Lakhs of benefitted sufferers are proof that Therapeutic Yoga is an infallible part of Naturopathy.

Role of
Therapeutic Yoga
in Combating

To better derive the restorative power of Therapeutic Yoga in combating diseases and promoting general well being, it has been divided into 7 different categories.

This family of Yoga relates to the general well-being and prevention of diseases as well as getting rid of them. Simply put, Arogya Vedic Yoga promotes overall wellness of the human body.

Yoga Asanas, Mudras and Pranayamas associated with vigour, vitality and a happy conjugal life are known as Kama Vedic Yoga. These practices are massively beneficial in alleviating sexual weakness and related issues.

It is nothing less than an elixir for preventing the onset of psychological problems and resolving them. In other words, they promote inner happiness through mental stimulation and keep away stress, anxiety, depression & insomnia.

Our immune system is the first line of defence against any kind of disease. Hence, keeping our immunity on peak becomes a top priority. Oja Vedic Yoga boosts an individual’s immunity holistically to ensure optimal health.

The numerous joints in our body carry us throughout life. Thus, falling prey to joint pain is quite common and everyone experiences it at some point in their lifetime. Sandhi Vedic Yoga gives relief from joint pain, inflammation & stiffness along with improving joint health and strength.

Acne, pimples, dark circles, white patches, psoriasis & eczema can be stubborn and embarrassing. Sometimes, they are extremely painful as well. Twacha Vedic Yoga is tremendously efficacious in combating these skin problems and rejuvenating the skin from within.

Stomach ailments are a grave concern among people, especially Indians. They can not only be an underlying sign of serious health problems but also cause various diseases in the long run. Udara Vedic Yoga aims to resolve stomach problems and gastrointestinal like Indigestion, Constipation, Diarrhoea, Gas, Acidity, etc.

Research & Development

A study was conducted in Japan to find the effect of yoga on mental health among young and senior people. A decrease in salivary amylase activity was observed in the participants, which was attributed to the reduction in sympathetic response. Reduction in State and Trait anxiety score signified that yoga has immediate as well as long-term beneficial effects on anxiety reduction. Yoga helped to improve the mental health in both groups.

In a research conducted by Vivekananda Kendra Yoga Research Foundation at Bangalore, Fifty-three patients with asthma underwent training for two weeks in an integrated set of yoga exercises, including breathing exercises, Suryanamaskar, Yogasanas, Pranayama and meditation, and were told to practice them for 65 minutes daily. There was a significantly greater reduction in the weekly number of asthma attacks, scores for drug treatment, and peak flow rate when Yoga was practised along with taking medication.

The ‘International Journal of Preventive Medicine’ published a study that aimed to investigate the effects of Yoga on stress, anxiety and depression in women. The participants were advised to practice Hatha Yoga exercises for 4 weeks. It was inferred that Yoga has an effective role in reducing stress, anxiety, and depression.

Dr. Padmini Tekur and her colleagues from the Division of Yoga & Life Sciences at the Swami Vivekananda Yoga Research Foundation (SVYASA) in India carried out a seven-day randomized control trial featuring 80 patients with chronic lower back pain. The results showed that practising yoga is effective at reducing pain as well as improving spinal mobility.

Researchers at Benson Henry Institute of Mind Body Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital, have asserted that Yoga not just treats physical & psychological issues, rather its regular practice helps to improve our overall health.

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